Why Did I Cut My Hair!? The REAL


So I feel I am pretty much ready to address the elephant in the room. Why in the HELL did I cut all my hair off! Well for starters, I felt like it lol. No but really, what was the real reason behind my big chop. No I am not planning to go natural. I am by no means into girls (n

o disrespect), and I am not joining a gang.

The best way to put it into words..I am going through a Britney Spears moment in life. Remember back in 2

007 when Britney Spears cut all her hair and went bald and everyone thought she was tripping. Yeah I am basically having that moment. I believe

everyone in life goes through a period (or two) where they are trying to figure things out, who they are, what they want to do, etc. Since becoming a mom, my life has been nothing but a series of changes. A lot of times I feel like I don’t have control of the wheel of my life (can I get

a Amen if you feel me on that)! When I feel I am not in control, I turn to something I can control, i.e. my hair.

Now I have had a lot of different hairstyles. I love changing

my hair and trying everything once. From cuts to styles and colors, I always love the feeling of trying something new with my hair. Since I have had short hair, I have always wanted to try the low boy cut I have now, I just never had the balls until recently. I guess I just felt like f*ck it! I wanted something that forced me out of my comfort zon

e. I wanted to confront my flaws and what I don’t like about myself and embrace what I do like about myself. For instance, I never paid attention to how full my lips are. I LOVE them. I spend a lot of time putting myself down and the trials and tribulations of life, that I don’t praise myself for what I do like and the great things i have going on in my life. Because I have absolutely NO hair, I am forced to pay attention to those things. Don’t get me wrong, some days I look in the mirror and wonder “what the hell were you thinking” or “you look like an ugly boy”, other days I’m like “YASSSS you better WORK” or “I actually love this cut”. It literally is an everyday ever changing thing. But I did it for me, to see my true inner beauty, to build my confidence, and to love Amber again.

Life has a way of taking you through changes and growing pains, I am learning how to adjust and deal and I start with loving myself first, once that happens everything else will eventually fall into place. 

I am growing my hair back out. But that is the fun and beauty in hair. It doesn’t have to stay the same. It can change. You can cut it and it will grow back. Have fun with it! My thoughts: hair is just hair. It will grow back. Be bold and embrace YOU! 


  • Brandy

    Yaassss!! I can definitely relate. There are moments throughout my life when I feel as though I need “change” and/or to do something dramatic and when I get those feelings I tend to “take it out on my hair” lol!. I must say, although I love the hair style on everyone else; I have yet to find the courage to do it myself. I admire how bold and courageous you are. I wish I had the confidence to pull off a hair style like that. Maybe one day… Until then I’ll just live my best life “through you”. Yaassss niece, Werk it!!!!! You keep me young😃😘

  • Je'Lisa Kendall

    I ❤ every thing you said about the changes in your life I can definitely relate. Your beautiful in every style you have chosen.

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