Shayla X Colourpop…BISH WHAT!?

Huddle up ladies, huddle up! Now its only very few times where I hype up a product that is released seeing as how there are new things coming out everyday. ColourPop is NOTORIOUS for dropping new gems for us makeup addicts and are hell bent on taking all our money (which I having no problem spending). For some reason this particular collaboration with Youtube’s MakeupShayla really caught my attention. As soon as she dropped the video showing her entire collection I knew I had to have the whole thing. The entire collection (not PR box) retailed for $59. It includes:

Perception- 16 pan eyeshadow palette

2 Luster Dust- Boomin and Pose
3 Lux Lipsticks- C’mon Sis, OOUUU!, and Quickie
Ultra Glossy Lip- Neat Freak

Now sometimes when youtube influencers come out with collaborations sometimes they can be a bit of disappointment but I am here to tell you, baby girl did NOT come to play with us! When I finally sat down to do a makeup tutorial using this palette I was beyond impressed. Like seriously. The colors in the palette where so soft and creamy and actually showed true to color. They were each so beautiful in their own way. Now I already loved the Lux Lipsticks ColourPop came out with but her colors where perfect and brown girl friendly. Especially Quickie. See the thing about nudes is that they can be tricky. She made it work for me and I appreciated that. The Luster Dust I used was Pose and grilll when I say the highlight is so sharp it can cut a bitch. Stunning but it wasn’t too over powering! Excellent! I have nothing but good things to say about this collection.


There will be a restock happening on May 11th at 1 pm EST. If you can, and have the extra coin, I would try to get my hands on it ASAP. It is Amber approved! Don’t say I never tried to help you!

I will have a video using these products up on my channel soon!

Amber Marie Mack

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