Mommy Review: Johnson Bedtime Baby

Being a new mommy to the mommy world, I am always looking for new ways to make both mine and my daughters life easier on a day to day basis. Sometimes, as mother, we get so desperate just to find something that can work. Especially when it comes to bath time and night time routines and remedies so WE BOTH can get some sleep. If your baby is anything like mine, she loves bath time and usually sleeps fairly well after having a nice warm bath, fresh diaper, and full tummy. While I was browsing the grocery store, I ran across the Johnson and Johnson Bedtime Baby wash and lotion. The color, of course, grabbed my eyes seeing as lavender usually puts adults to sleep. This product does not contain lavender but it looked pretty close. My honest review is that this product gets ⭐️⭐️⭐️ From me. The reason I would not give it a full four stars is because of the smell. I do think that my baby slept well after her bath after using these products, but they are very perfumy. I love the smell, doesn’t stink at all, but for a small and most times sensitive baby, the smell can be a bit overbaring. She broke out on her face shortly after but that could be four multiple reasons. I cut out the use all together. All in all, I wouldn’t say not to try this product but I would try a little on a little part of your little ones skin before submerging their entire body in this. Remember its all about what works for YOUR baby. They are the boss after all!


Amber Marie Mack

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