Jermaine….Cole? The REAL is back!

Ahhh, I know. I am so late writing this article but there is a reason. As I finally sit down to write this review I wanted to make sure it was clear. I wanted it to be accurate and well thought out. Not just thrown together. See the thing about J. Cole’s music is that you really have to sit and listen to the lyrics, the beat, the STORY. And that is exactly what I did. J. Cole hands down has always been my favorite rapper since his Friday Night Lights days. I have always felt that lyrically he is a beast and musically he puts a lot of thought into the execution of each beat. I would go to say next to 2014 Forest Hill Drive, KOD is hands down one of his best pieces to date. Why? It actually has meaning and is needed for the culture. No one wants to hear music like this because it can’t be played in the strip club. Don’t get me wrong, I love those songs too, but there needs to be a variety in the rap game which we haven’t seen much of lately. KOD starts with his title track. This is probably the one song on the album that I could hear in the club. It kicks off the album and gives you a little bounce.Good way to get the listener to anticipate what the rest of the album will hold. Next is Photograph, which I think was probably one of the most well written songs. Its relevance to social media and love in this day in age over a melodic beat really opens your eyes to what we are dealing with. Its accurate and raw. If I had to name my favorite song it would be Kevin’s Heart. Aside from the visual of the song that actually features Kevin Hart, which is dope, it really settles with a lot of men and even women that face temptation in their lives. From the famous to the non famous. And its written in such a way that it sticks with you. The beat, the words, the flow. It works. Plus he had some “Instagram captionable” lines in there. Window Pain is my next favorite. There is nothing more to say about in then that, again, THE BEAT is sick and you really can feel the pain the song.

I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t talk about 1985. I mean what am I suppose to say. I have never heard such a calm and teachable diss in my life lol. Again, I can only see J. Cole doing that and IT WORKS. Thats all I am going to say about that song but I will say these new school rappers should take notes.

Aside from the fact that the entire album is fire, even the songs I didn’t mention, I have to say that I rock with his marketing style. He is the definition of “silence is deadly”. He never puts out a single, goes into hiding from months, no features and then just hits us with music for our soul, music for the culture. I hate that he is no where near as recognized as he should be. If he ever reads this article, he is a legend in his own right.

If you have not listened to KOD yet please do so. Its what you need in your life.


Amber Marie Mack

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