Instagram Series Part I: Fat Ass Era

I will make a disclosure that these are all just my own personal experiences, thoughts, and opinions but you would be surprised at the amount of women who feel the exact same way I do.

What sparked me to write was the documentary called Killer Curves that aired on BET just recently. The trailer was intriguing so I went On Demand and watched a full hour of women sharing their traumatic experiences with butt injections and ass shots. It was really sad to be honest. If you have a free moment I would deff advise you to check it out, it was very informative.

The women in the documentary had fell into the trap of needing and wanting ass shots. They went in basements and underground to have these procedures and and it ultimately cost some their lives, freedom, arms and even legs. One woman’s butt even began to rot. It was truly a sight to see. All of them wanted this image that they were told was beautiful but it basically became a big regret.

To jump straight to the juice, the common factor in the reasoning why butt injections have become so popular and why women felt the need to have a bigger ass was social media. Instagram in particular. Don’t get me wrong, I love Instagram. I use it to keep up with friends, promote my works, and for simple entertainment. But I would be lying if I said that it has not made me look at myself in such a way that I had to question what exactly was beautiful and where did I fit into that equation.

What I mean by that is, specifically for women, IG has a way of making you feel like you have to live up to a certain beauty expectation. Men are attracted to what they see while women are attracted to what they hear. That’s why it is easy for a man to talk nice and get his way and a woman has to look nice to get her way.

Y’all know me by now, I’m open and honest about it all. I would be lying if I sat here and said that seeing women that are the same age as me get so many likes and attention because of their looks and body has made me question myself. And yes, people will say “you should just be confident” and “you don’t need a man to make you feel beautiful” and these things are true, but lets be real, there is not one girl who can say she hasn’t (at least once) cared about who liked her pic, how many likes she got, or what “he” thought about her pictures. In this day in age, guys flock to the pictures of the half naked woman with the big ass, big breast and “killer curves” and it even more sad that women are PAYING money to get deadly injections in a basement to fit what society believes is beautiful.


We live in a time period where things like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Snapchat are all very important to our generation. It has become apart of our everyday structure. But going to extreme lengths, that has caused many women death, is just not worth it. Find the things you love about yourself. Stand in your truth. We are ALL beautiful. I know that is cliche but its so true. And to be honest, I have to tell myself this every once on a while. Its OKAY to be “normal”. It”s okay to have smaller boobs and a small butt. Its okay to NOT have a “not so snatched” waist. Its okay to be plus sized. Its okay to not be an IG model. Please believe those women will pay for it later. But don’t jump through hoops to fit what the media tells you is beautiful.

I will continue to


write and spread positive words of affirmation to my ladies specifically. You are magic girl! I will always talk a lot about social media, confidence, and beauty on this blog. I am here for it and i think a lot of lost girls and women in this generation need it.



Amber Marie Mack

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