Did JT Make A Comeback?

For most people who don’t know, I am a HUGE Justin Timberlake fan! From *NSYNC to his first solo album titled “Justified”, I have always felt JT has had immense talent and soul! I pretty much was counting down the days until his recent album “Man of the Woods” dropped. It has been four long awaited years for Timberlake fans to finally get their fix an here it is. FINALLY! But I wouldn’t be myself if i didn’t give an honest review. Now my disclaimer is that I still LOVE me some JT BUT, in all honesty this album was just OKAY! I’m not gonna lie, I feel like I totally overhead this album. I mean after fours years of NOTHING what do you expect a fan girl to do. But if we are being real, I just felt the album, wasn’t him. It had hits on it such as Supplies, Morning Light, Say Something (and even that is a stretch). Midnight summer jam is my joint too. I understand that artists have to step outside of the box but COME ON! After four years give the people what they want. Soul. Its who he is. I couldn’t even tell Timbaland produced anything. When you are a fan of an artist or even a producer they tend to have a signature sound, I wasn’t hearing that! I felt he added more country in this album. Which is fine but I guess its just not what I am use to. I still blast the album and will most deff be at the concert in January 2018 (cuz honey the tickets for May prices was out of control). I guess I just expected more. Comeback? Eh the verdict is still out. He has redeeming to do on the next album but for now, I will settle for this!


Amber Marie Mack

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