About Me

Who Am I? I’m the blues in you left thigh trying to be the funk in your right, is that alright? NAME THAT MOVIE!

No but really, who is Amber Marie Mack. I’m just an everyday girl trying to make it in this crazy world one lipstick and trap song at a time! I was born in Buffalo, New York. Spent my childhood in Cheyenne, Wyoming and the other down in the dirty ATL! I have a profound love for the art of story telling and the idea that words are powerful whether its spoken or written.

I graduated from Georgia State University with my Bachelors in Journalism/ Communication and a double minor in Speech and Sociology. I have written for online publications such as FAME Magazine, Kontrol Magazine, and The Cut Life.

My Goal: To empower the young everyday girl to know she is s BOSS no matter the circumstance. Life is what you make it. The good, the bad, and the ugly!